We are the champions, my friends, and we will keep on fighting ’til the end…

A recap – Brian and I signed up for the Ultimate Frisbee Spring League and have been playing for the last nine weeks at Kapiolani Park in town.  Sunday, May 4th was the playoffs.  We did okay throughout the season; we won some and lost some.  The playoffs was do or die day.  You had to win to advance.  Game 1 – Brian and I arrived late, but I was able to jump in and offer some help to the two girls who were kicking butt.  Brian, out for the season with a bad knee, cheered loudly as we won our first game!  The second game was nail biting to the very end, where we walked away with our second victory of the day!  The final game – for the whole enchilada – was against the Blue Team.  We have never won against them the ENTIRE season and they were standing in our way of the championship.  Tired, sweaty, short on subs, we took the field and put two points on the board rather quickly.  The rest of the game was tit for tat with a lot of dropped points in the end zone by both teams.  Tied at 11, we marched down field where Kendra caught the last point to WIN!  And to quote our teammate Dave, “Can you say Cinderella?”

Team photo

Fantanas team photo – some of us were there in spirit!



I am so bummed that this is the only picture I have of Brian. I swear I took one of him!



Thanks Kendra for taking a photo of me. I actually look like I know what I am doing!


Totally unrelated, but good news nonetheless, I received an A on my Economics Final!!!  I am DONE with my last general education pre-requisite for the BSN.  OH! And I received my first “nurse swag” from my best friend in Texas who is graduating with her BSN on Saturday!  This girl worked it and finished an ACCELERATED BSN program!  With an internship in tow, she is going to be an awesome nurse and I could not be prouder of her!


Scissors, badge holder, and diagnostic penlights.

Scissors, badge holder, and diagnostic penlights.


sam and I

Sam and I last summer 2013. We need a new photo Sam!


167 days and Frisbee

March 14th aka “Nursing School Acceptance Letters were Being Sent Out Day”, I was relaxing on a beach on Hickam with my friend Lindsay and her son, trying not to check my cell phone for THAT email from Hawaii Pacific University.  Noon time rolls around – nothing.  Lindsay and I part ways from the beach where I headed to the commissary to drown out the negative thoughts that I did not get into the nursing program.  I finished up an hour later and still NO EMAIL.  I get home unload, eat lunch, and surf FB in hopes of distracting myself.  No luck.  It is now 3 pm and I still have NO EMAIL.  At 4 pm, my cell phone notifies me I received an email via my HPU account. YIKES!!!  My heart is now beating out of my chest and I am all thumbs trying to open the email – DARN IT it’s a PDF.  Loading, loading…YES!!!!! I am in!  Tears well up in my eyes and the adrenaline is now pumping through my body.  Okay, first notify husband – UGH went to voicemail.  Okay, now notify mom – I took a picture of the email and sent it to her via text.  Okay, now I blow up everyone else’s phone and notify them of the great news – mission accomplished.  I cannot believe I finally got into the nursing program.  I set out on this journey over 4 years ago, taking my first nursing pre-requisites classes in Virginia, not knowing I’d get into a program in Hawaii.  How awesome is that!  Now only 167 more days until I start Level One classes and say goodbye to life as I know it!

acceptance letter bsn

Sunday was a sunny and windy day, but Team Orange did not let that hold us down.  We played hard and came close to winning the first game of the day, but we won the second game!  Now we stand 1-3 for the season.  Not bad for a rec league!  I am still getting the hang of all of the rules of frisbee and I can now see how people get “addicted” to the game.  


The semester is half way over…

I’ve been truckin’ along in my economics class.  It is absolutely clear that I do not share the joy that others do in this subject.  Having a biological science background, economics is too subjective for my tastes.  However, HPU thinks all BSN majors need this as a GE core class — therefore, I am entertaining them.  The class itself is not terribly painful, just lots of reading and discussions.

March 8th marked the 72nd Seabee Ball and Brian’s 32nd birthday.  We decided to celebrate his birthday the day before with pizza, presents, and friends.


We attended our first Seabee Ball in Hawaii.  What an experience that we will never forget.  It was absolutely the best ball venue we’ve attended!

Seabee Ball selfie

March 9th, was the first day of our Ultimate Frisbee League games.  0-2 to start, the orange team is still optimistic!  Go orange!  Thankfully, I have been sticking with my new running/workout regimen, it seemed to help with the 4+ hours of play we endured in sunny Honolulu.


Oh and that nursing program I’ve been working so hard to get into — no word yet!  HPU is supposed to notify us mid-March.  I’m also supposed to hear about a scholarship around March 17th.  Big, joyous news could be around the corner or devastating news…stay tuned.

First day of school – again!

Yesterday morning, I pinned up my hair (while still wearing pjs), located my FOUR economic textbooks, printed out my syllabus, and  started reading the assigned chapters.  It has been a few years since I finished my MPH (Masters of Public Health) and getting into the rhythm of things took a little bit of getting used too.  I found myself reading and re-reading a paragraph because my mind drifted onto other non-economic thoughts (i.e.: my new business, what am I making for dinner, and laundry – to name a few).  I managed to push through it all and read the chapters and most of the PowerPoints and called it a day!  I think it is silly that my last nursing pre-requisite is ECON 1000 aka Naked Economics (which is online), but really I am grateful.  Over the course of 4 years, I was able to complete other nursing pre-quisites while we were still living in Virginia.  As luck would have it or divine intervention, Hawaii Pacific University accepted most of my credits from New Mexico State University and Tidewater Community College, which left me with one more nursing prerequisite to take and I can hold my breath until I get the news about getting accepted.  However, I continue to surprise myself – I really thought I’d be a nut case once I took the TEAS January 3rd (Test of Essential Academic Skills) and having to wait for a decision in February, but I am not.  Fortunately, I’ve managed to find other activities to occupy my time and thoughts.  Brian and I decided to run in the Seabee 10K next Saturday, but what that meant for me was, “uh oh I need to get into shape pronto!”  So, if you see a crazy girl huffing and puffing while running down the highway on the windward side, that’s me!  Although, after running today, I felt good and felt accomplished (I ran 3.5 miles in 45 mins).  I’ve always tried to stay “in shape”, but finding a routine of sorts after PCSing has been a challenge (more like a challenge in general and I guess I shouldn’t always blame PCSing).  I decided that 2014 is the year I will accomplish goals and get healthy!

If you haven’t already signed up for the 22nd Annual Navy Seabee Run for February 1, click here.  January 26th is the last day to register.

I’ve started my own business!

I never thought I’d be the type of person to want to sell anything, however, I thoroughly enjoy the buying part.  Being a military spouse, sometimes you need to find a creative way to bring in supplemental income; I figured what better way to earn some money by starting my own business.  My dear friend, Amanda, turned me onto Rodan + Fields skincare line once she started seeing positive results.  After moving to Hawaii, I had to completely change my skincare routine (more like adopt a skincare routine).  After much consideration, I decided to try a new skincare regimen from Rodan + Fields.  Low and behold, I was shocked about how vibrant and smooth my skin was after about 4 days of using the product (I was using the Soothe Regimen, but I am now starting the Redefine Regimen to attack those fine lines and dry skin).  Amanda then talked to me about how she started selling Rodan + Fields part time.  I thought why not take the chance to share this product with my family and friends and perhaps earn a few bucks on the side.  The tax benefits and part time appealed to me, because I am currently awaiting a decision on whether or not I get into nursing school.  As my family and friends may know, I typically do not share things unless I really enjoy them and see the benefits.  I know how tough the economy has been to everyone everywhere and the last thing I’d ever want to do is push a product on anyone.  So, here it is my marketing plug – try Rodan + Fields for 60 days risk free.  If you do not feel like you are getting enough bang for your buck – get your money back or try another product regimen!

Check out my website: jenniferchristner.myrandf.com

If you are not sure which skincare regimen to use, complete this short skincare quiz: Skincare Quiz

PCS: What do you do with your mail while in transit? Here are some answers…

1.  You can always hold your mail up to 30 days until you have a forwarding address.

2.  You can select “General Delivery” and have it delivered to the closest Post Office in the city you will be moving to.  This option is FREE!!  If you visit the USPS website through the “General Delivery” link, be sure to select the “General Delivery” tab when you are on the webpage.

3.  Apply for a PO BOX.  We are going this route — Brian will be working odd hours and we’ll be down to one car.  The “General Delivery” option would work, but we may not always be able to check our mail during the Post Office hours.  Also, since we aren’t on the island just yet, I had to apply for a PO Box at my local Post Office and had them fax the application to Hawaii.  Then I pay and get my PO Box number assigned.  We will only need it for a few weeks and will cancel it.  Since we are only doing the 3 month option the Post Office will not refund any money for early cancellation (if you do 6 months or longer there is a possibility you can get some money back).  The PO BOX will run $35.  I initially applied for a PO BOX online, but was put on a wait list.  I then received a phone call 2 weeks later from USPS telling me a box was available.